Big Problem with EVGA PRECISION!!!

Okay so i was messing around with EVGA precision because i never used it but for the fan speed so i could cool it down while running a game. I saw a youtube video and the guy was moving it around, and my computers a pretty nice computer, so i said what the heck, i'll move it up. I moved it about 8/10's of the way up ( the first 3 bars i forget the name of them), and my screen went white. I accidentily left the button that says start up with windows on when i pressed apply, so now whenever i open the program ( vista has to approve it first), my screen goes all white or blue? Do i need to reinstall the evga precision program or what?
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  1. Ever heard of 'safe mode'?
  2. ? how would that fix my screen going white whenever i start the program
  3. Delete it, redownload it
  4. Boot into safe mode and uncheck the startup option then reboot into normal mode.
  5. Or just download winpatrol or something
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