Looking for help/good forum for building a computer

The title pretty much says it.

I've picked out most of my parts and peices but I still need a good forum for assebly and to make sure everything works.

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  1. I would start by reading the motherboard manual before ordering. I download them and at least glance at the installation and memory sections. Good manuals will give you plenty of info on installing the cpu, heatsink, and memory. I always do a bare post on a non conductive surface before mounting the board in the case. I even suggest removing the power supply from the case if the cables won't reach. Once you establish the board will post with your cpu and memory, it makes it easier to proceed with confidence.
  2. If you have any problems with the build you should try the Homebuilt Systems forum here on Tom's
  3. Here's a thread intended for a system that won't boot:
    Boot problems

    It contains a building checklist covering many of the common mistakes and ideas about troubleshooting. It's worth reading ahead of time.

    What o1die is talking about is breadboarding. Here's a link to something I posted a while back:

    And don't be too nervous. At some time or another, we all had a first build. :)
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