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I am doing my first system build soon.

I was after a P 55 mobo with USB3 and SATA 600.

However, I also plan to Crossfire or SLI the system. From what I can tell, all the P55 boards out there can have 2 graphics cards OR 1 graphics card and the USB 3 and SATA 600 controller working.

Are there any P55 boards that can have USB 3, SATA 600 and SLI/Crossfire working at the same time?

Thanks in anticipation
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  1. Yes, you should consider the ASUS P7P55D-E PRO motherboard.

    This motherboard has a PLX bridge chip that allows both graphics cards and the USB 3.0 to operate without bottlenecking either compont. This is an excellent implementation of USB 3.0.
    Good luck.
  2. can I connect a sata 300 drive to a 600 interface?

    And can I setup RAID with 2 300 drives on a 600 interface?
  3. SATA interfaces are backward compatible, which means a 3 GB/s drive will work fine on a SATA 6 GB/s interface. RAID will also work fine.
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