HELP! Peculiar overclocking, bsod crisis


My build:

AMD PHENOM II X6 1055T @ 3.5

Not long ago i've been having really bad bsod related to memory problems. this happened even though i installed a clean OS.

I tried troubleshooting the memory and apparently it has no issue, the hard disk also wasn't at fault ( i completely reformatted it and even used the tool provided by seagate )

But now the thing is that i realized that each time i power up the PC, ( my settings are OC'ed ).
I just need to enter the BIOS, reset my clock settings to 200 which is the stock setting ( 2.8 ) save and exit.

This causes the PC to shutdown momentarily ( the fans, led's hard disk etc turn off ) and back on again. After which i am able to enter the bios and key in 250 which will give me 3.5ghz.

Now i know that people can hit up to 3.9 stable and my voltage is only at 1.38. I have been doing this reset thing for months and i hadn't had one BSOD.

I really have no idea whether is it the power supply or motherboard issue?
A little help from anyone?!

Thanks alot guys!!!
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  1. bump!
  2. Seem your ram not strong at high frequency, maybe you still at 1333, it's mean CPU-z show your ram ran at 900 =1800mhz.
    Drop your ram ratio at 1066 and cpu-z will show 667 = 1333 with cl 8-8-8-20
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