Help with catalyst drivers.

Ok so i installed the 9.8 drivers for catalyst but i messed up. Ive never done this before so i didnt know that i was supposed to uninstall the previous drivers. Now my catalyst wont start up or appear in the lower right corner anymore. I dont know what to do and would really appreciate any help someone could offer! I dont know very much about computers, all i really want to do is just play games not mess with this stuff. I have windows vista 64bit home premium and a 4850 if that makes a difference in how you guys can help me.
Thank you for any replies!
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  1. First of all download and install driver sweeper from here:

    Then go to your control panel and remove Catalyst from there,reboot and go to safe mode,click on driver sweeper and put a tick in ATI box and click clean,reboot and go normally to windows and install the driver,it will require another reboot after the installation,after that its finished,check whether u have the ATI box on the corner or not.
    Hope this helped
  2. Quote:
    Hi, I posted an answer in the 9.8 cat thread, check there.

    i tried your way buy it said that there was nothing to uninstall. I dont think i have catalyst control center anymore.
  3. Maziar will that uninstall the graphics card drivers or only the 1s for catalyst control? Also if there ever was catalyst under control panel it isnt there anymore
  4. If u do that instructions completely it will do a clean uninstall,so it completely removes the graphic card driver.
    Btw,just remember that when u first go to control panel remove any ATI related software there
  5. Ok i dont know what safe mode is, ive only had vista for about 2 weeks now, and when i installed the 9.8 drivers they seemed to remove catalyst control center but it still appears on the top of the menu when i right click and it is still under programs so i dont know what to think. Im afraid to try these things since i know nothing about computers and i dont want to mess anything up. But your instructions seem easy enough but i need help knowing if catalyst is still on there or not and i need to know how to go into safe mode then i will try what you told me. Also i more question, is the drivers for the graphics card the same as catalyst control center? my graphics cards driver is 8.640.0.0 and it is a 4850
  6. Have you tried opening the CCC? Try it, it cant hurt anything. Set a resore point if you think youll do something bad, but you wont.
    Open CCC
  7. When you right click it, it may say restart runtime, click that
  8. i clicked it and the same thing happened, nothing. The load icon on the mouse pops up 2 or 3 times then dissapears and nothin starts. And its ccc (catalyst control center right?) thats not working to begin worth so i cant open it, it seem to not be there but the icons for it still are
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