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I have a set up that comes with dual 850W power supply from Supermicro. I have using it for CFD work which requires it to run for 24/7 up to 10 days. The 1st two weeks were fine (when i was using 6G ram) and i was using it for another 1 week without problems when i upgraded it to 24G ram.

But since then the LED infront of the chasis that is meant for power supply failure has been giving beeping problems. This occurs i have observed as follow:-

1. Random, just switching it on using the pc for idle work it comes on.
2. When I run the CFD for 2-3 days, the LED lights up with the loud beeping.
3. When i switch it on the pc.

My set up is a follow:-
1. Dual W5580 on a X8DA3 Motherboard with 24G DDR3 Ram,
2. 1x7200rpm HDD
3. 2 x 80mm rear exhaust, one of them is a high rpm silverstone 90mm fan.
4. 3 x 80 mm 5000 rpm front supply air fans.
5. 2 x 80mm CPU fans.
6. 1 DVD RW.
7. 1 floppy disk drive.
8. 1 GEForce 9500 graphics card
It is running from home. I have 4 x 13Amp power sockets near the PC coming from 2 different electrical breakers. These power sockets share the with lighting circuits.

To solve my problem i have done the following so far with limited results:-

1. Change power chord - worked for 2 days, then problem came back.
2. Changed power sockets - worked for 1 -2 days then problem came back again.
3. Switched off my power supply to other electrical stuff, with no positive effect.

I am thinking of doing the following in order of priority, for reasons of cost and complexity:-

1. Disable the 2nd power source - i am trying to determine if this 2nd power source is redundant power source or not. When I switch off one of the power sources, the PC can still boot (of course the beeping is as loud as ever).

2. Change the power supply from the local supermicro agent.

3. Change the whole set up altogether - replace the two PSU with normal PSU. The supermicro PSU are the thin types, about 30mm thick only. This will require that I buy a new casing and get the whole thing re-assembled.

My concerns with the above (appreciate if other options can be suggested):-

1. The 1st option, can a 850W PSU handle the whole PC power needs. When i run the CFD models, the CPU loading is 100%. When I try the online PSU calculators, they tell me it is okay.

2. With option no.2, my concern is that are these supermicro power supplies known for their need for "clean" power supply?

3. My gripe with the 3rd option is cost! Sorry it is just my frustration.

Hope to get help for this problem.

Thank You
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  1. I can only answer your first question. A single 850 watt PSU is overkill for your system. Most of the online PSU calculators are pretty conservative. They tend to overestimate power needs.
  2. 600W of power will be easily enough. I got a dual GPU setup for gaming and it takes a lot more power than your setup. I only got a 700W power supply.

    You can change the power supply for 50$. If that doesn`t do the trick, your motherboard have gone crazy... and that's something I don't wish you.
  3. Thanks guys,

    I took out one of the two power supply and it refused to boot. Looking at the MB manual to see how to isolate the dual power supply mode.

  4. Hi guys,

    Final updates - taking a hint from the Motherboard manual, the beeping sound is an indication of PSU fan failure. And true enough, the PSU that is giving trouble has this problem.

    I took this PSU out and it runs fine on 1 850W PSU. Seemingly the MB can detect that running on 1 PSU is fine.

    I will be bringing this faulty PSU back to the local agent (I hope as i bought this 2nd hand from local seller) for replacement.

    Thanks for your help- my beloved cheeky son Ethan says Hi too! He wonders why i stare at this monitor so much and not spend time with him instead. :hello:

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