Will zalman heat sink fit it my system

Building new system. Was wondering if ZALMAN CNPS9500 AT 2 Ball CPU Cooling Fan/Heatsink - Retail will fit in my system. The case and mb are listed below.

Rosewill R105-P BK Black SECC Steel MicroATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail

GIGABYTE GA-G41M-ES2L LGA 775 Intel G41 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

Thanks for any info.

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  1. Did you want the cooler just for looks? It should fit fine, but there are better coolers.
  2. Proximon said:
    Did you want the cooler just for looks? It should fit fine, but there are better coolers.

    Its not for looks, that's for sure. I want a heat sink that can allow me to overclock my q6600 GO to 3.0 without cooking it. Right now I got a dell heat sink. I pulled the chip from a dell. I don't have the new system put together yet. I wonder if I can oc without buying a new heatsink. I don't think so but if I can save the trouble of getting a new one I will. If not what do you recommend proximon? Thanks for the help everyone.

  3. Take a look at the list here, frosttech does cooler reviews
    Search through newegg and a few other places and see which ones you can find off of that list. You may also want to check out the noise ratings on the ones you are considering because some of them get pretty loud, for example the TRUE runs at ~50dB at high speed which is about the same volume as a conversation.
  4. Quote:
    lol mobiusrm proximon isnt the only one here :D go for CCF

    lol sorry to make you feel left out. Anywase, thanks a lot for the great tip. I really like the sound and look of these coolers. I was wondering if you think the 120mm fan one would fit in my small microatx case or if I should go for the 92mm. Thanks again man, these look to be the best for the price.

  5. I had a look at your case and it's not the biggest. About 7.5" wide. You might want to go with the 92mm.
  6. I did some measuring and believe your right. The power supply and mb heatsink are very close to the cpu socket. The mb heatsink is about 48mm from the center of the cpu socket. So it looks like even the 92mm will be a tight fit. Thanks for every ones help I I'm going to order the 92mm unless someone says different by mid day today.

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