Are all Major brands low density and 100% compatible?


Usually when I want to buy memory compatible with any PC, I buy low density memory. More expensive, but it works all the time. They say that when we want to have 100% compatible memory, that we should buy low density from major brands.

Are major brand all low density? Are major brands compatible most of the time?

Major brands would include : Infineon,Samsung,ProMos,Micron,Nanya,Kingston,Elpida,Hynix,Edge,Elpida, Spectek,TopRAM, V-DATA, Rambo
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  1. all major brands are low density that is why they work with all systems in the specific slot like DDR, DDR2, DDR3
  2. Thank you Upendra for your answer.

    So if I buy, for example, Mushkin I should be fine in most of the time? They have two lines : Proline and Essentials. Are they both low density memory? Are they both compatible with 100% of the systems?
  3. you will always be fine

    and they are and will be compatible with all DDR2 or DDR3 systems depending on which one you buy

    if you are going through any consumer website then it will be low density
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