HD4850 or 9800GT

I want to change my graphic card to play AC2 and COD6.

My system specs are:
CPU: Core2Duo E8400@3Ghz
Main board: Gigabyte P35-DS3L
Memory: Corsair 2*2 GB DDR2 1066
VGA: GeForce 8600GT DDR2 1GB
PSU: Green 485 watts

I’m not interested in changing the PSU and I’m in doubt between 9800GT and HD4850. Although I’ve read lots of articles about good performance of 4850 but I don’t know how much power it consumes and which one of the above is more efficient. Please help me decide. I would really appreciate it.
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  1. 4850 kills 9800gt
  2. 4850 all the way.
  3. blackwhite I'm doing the same research at the moment, and I've come across a card of nvidia GTS250. It's about 20$ ish more expensive than 4850 in my country. You may also look into that.

    In this link you can find the benchmarks of 4770-4850-9800gt and GTS250

    I don't want to buy ATI because of it's linux drivers so I'll probably go for the GTS250


  4. 4850 for me every time. The 250 is basicallythe same card as the 9800 just the green team re branding again

  5. mactronix check the link I posted. Unless the benchmarks are wrong, GTS250 performs better than 9800gt
  6. They are both a G92 core the GTS 250 is clocked way higher than the 9800, other possable reasons for the increase is that the 250 has its extra 16 shader units unlocked and its made on a 55nm process.
    The review dosent go into much detail about the 9800 some were made in 55nm but most were 65. The die shrink would bring about some performance increase also.
    But as i said its basically the same card.
    Either way they are both out performed by the 4770 and the 4850.

  7. 4850 would be a better choice but in case you are restricted by budget OR PSU then 9800GT is also a very good choice.

    - A 9800GT owner
  8. The HD4770 runs at 90% the performance of the HD4850. It's quieter and consumes considerably less power though as it uses the new 40nm process (it's the only desktop card that does).

    I was disappointed in some recent benchmarks though. Have a look at the latest Tomshardware. Keep in mind that your CPU can't take advantage of the top (of the mid-range) graphics cards like the GTX275.

    It varies by game. I thing you could still take advantage of a step above the HD4850 for many games with that CPU (see the ranking chart).

    There are many games that would look great with the HD4770 though and quietness and heat are important factors too (and cost).

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