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I have the HD4770, but my motherboard also has integrated graphics (hd3200). Is it at all possible to connect 1 monitor to the 4770 and another to the 3200?

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  1. I doubt that you will. Most mobos disable the onboard display when an add-on display card is installed.

    Might want to have a look at the mobo manual to see if you are able use both, by settings in the BIOS.

  2. NO. You can not use both.

    If you somehow managed to get both working as Crossfire you'd get the equivalent of 2xHD3200 performance.

    However, why not just hook up two monitors to your HD4770?
  3. I was just wondering because when I looked at catalyst control and moused over the grayed out "displays" the first two said "HD4770" but the others said "HD3200"

    But yeah when I do get my 2nd monitor i'll just hook it up to the 4770, which would be the common sense thing to do i guess xD

    Thanks for the answers
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