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Hi Fellas. Here are my specs:

Case: Cooler master storm scout
Cpu: q9550 intel quad
mobo: abit ip35 pro
Gpu: gtx275
cpu cooler: cnps 9500 at
psu: corsair 650tx

Ive noticed my cpu temps began to spike lately, which is weird since its starting to cool off outside. So im considering a new cpu cooler. I know that i might just have to just have to reseat the heatsink but i want to fancy up my rig.I've been looking at the zalman cnps9900 as of late but im not sure if thats the right thing for my set up anymore. Water cooling is out of the question because of the maintanence and theres always the risk of leakage. I've always thought zalman had the best air cooling products out there but i want some other opinions to steer my purchase. I used to run at about 38c idle oc at 3ghz now i average 44c oc at 2.9ghz. at load i average 70 when i used to average 65. I know those arent really bad temps for arizona skimping on ac. But what can i do to get the most out of my oc without killing my cpu with heat.
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    scythe, xigmatek and cooler master are among the best n the cheapest.
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