500w psu for d201glya

i have now a replaced d201glya board because the last board became unstable after 8 months of use. i was using a generic 300w psu. in my new board now i am planning to use my old case astone enforcer with a psu of 500w. i am wondering is this is ok or not because it may damage my board again due to high wattage. your help is highly appreciated.
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  1. it isn't recommended to use generic PSUs on a computer a bad PSU might result in instability of the computer therefore rendering it unusable for anything that requires ore CPU usage such as multitasking and gaming

    what are you doing with this computer? if you got by on 300 then you probably don't need 500
  2. i also bought a new memory yesterday because the memory i used before have some burns in it. is it caused by the psu? thanks.
  3. that usually doesn't happen with a 300 watt PSU unless that too was a generic brand causing inconsistent power outputs to the components
  4. i use it only for browsing, torrent download, chat, listening music. i'm not a heavy gamer as the board has been designed for simple and basic task. one thing i've consider is the power consumption if i run this machine 24/7.
  5. i could possibly consider that it is caused by inconsistent power outputs. before i use d201glya i purchased a board with the intel atom but within one month the system become unstable and died. good thing i was able to RMA yet no stock then i upgraded to buying E2140 and an Asus P5N-MX board and it runs great.
  6. what are your specs?

    if you are worried about power consumption then go with an 80 plus power supply

    like this


    a seasonic 300 watt 80 plus efficiency PSU for 38 USD
  7. hardisk : samsung 40G ide and seagate barracuda 80G sata
    memory : kingston 1G ddr2 pc800
    optical : dvd rw lightscribe ide
    casing : has an 80mm side fan

    the seasonic psu seems very nice. will newegg accept shipment in my country? do they accept paypal payments? sorry for the many questions. i'm just new here.
  8. where do you live?

    a 300 watt PSU is enough for you

    and i think they accept paypal i am not sure though
  9. i am from cebu, philippines.
  10. they might ship it there, i am not sure
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