Unlocked Phenom II X2. Slight hangup?

Hey everyone,
I've been reading and reading about unlocking cores and the right combination of mobo and cpu. My previous computer died and I decided it was time to at least give it a shot.

First, I didn't want to hijack anyone's thread and I've tried searching, but must not be able to find the right keywords to use. Regardless, I'm unsure of what to do.

I unlocked the 3rd and 4th cores of my Phenom II X2 550 Callisto to an X4 B50. Had to boost the voltage ever so slightly to get it to post, but with 3 fans, the temps are still sitting pretty.

Benchmarks with EVEREST look great without overclocking and I'm a little hesitant to dive into that at the time being.

Tests make the setup appear stable, but when I leave the pc alone and the screensaver shows, it has trouble coming back. When I press a key or move the mouse the screen comes back, but is unresponsive for approximately 10 seconds. It never completely locks up, but it seems like it's about to.

Does anyone here have any possible insight or suggestions?

Oh, and I don't know if this will be of help:

Thank you very kindly,
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  1. A little more information...

    For some reason, it hasn't happened since I posted previously. Things appear to be working nicely, but if anyone knows why it does this sporadically I would be interested in finding a resolution.

    Thanks again,
  2. You sure its not the HD taking its time to spin up? Did it do the same thing before you unlocked the cores?
  3. It never did this before unlocking. I have my power settings to never go to sleep or hibernate, so I'm confused as to why this is happening now.

    Edit: If I leave foobar2000 playing music and it goes to the screensaver, it doesn't have a problem coming back. I have absolutely no idea what is going on. :-\

    Oh, and I don't know why, but last night I didn't have the option to edit my posts. But it's showing up today... sorry for the double post.
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