2 cooling questions with my board, case and RAM combo

Hey guys,

I have a Cooler Master Storm enforcer case and a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 motherboard and G.SKILL Ripjaws Series DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL RAM. If I was to buy the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ would this cover up one of my RAM slots? I want to be able to use all my RAM slots eventually... Also I assume this cooler will fit in my Storm Enforcer case? My case specs say it supports a cooler up to 175mm and the CM H212+ says thats its about 158.5mm so just double checking. BTW all this is to cool an i7 2600k at stock speeds.

Also I would like to add another fan to the top of my case. My case came with a big 200mm fan in the front and one regular size one in the back. I assume the front is intake and the back is exhaust. I want to add one to the top of the case too to help cool it down some more. Should I go with one big 200 or two smaller ones? What would work better? And should it be an exhaust or intake?

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  1. is it an oem cpu? if you are running stock speeds, save your money. the stock hsf is more than enough. my brother is running stock hsf on his i7 2600 and has it OC'd to 4.2GHz, no heat issues. you dont need an aftermarket hsf. however, if you really WANT one, the hyper 212+ is a great hsf.
  2. the 212+
    is bigger than people think. it may overhang one of your RAM slots but this is hard to tell without actually checking with the cooler on ur board.
    at stock speeds tho, u dont need an additional cooler. if u really want one, the coolermaster hyper tx3 is small, cheap and good. it wont interfere with anything
  3. Thanks for the tips guys... I am looking into the Hyper TX3 now.

    I am currently running stock, but I feel like my CPU is running a bit warm? It idles around 37-40 degrees and goes up to like 70 degrees as you can see here:


    Also I am more interested in adding the fan to the top of my case first. Does anyone have an opinion of whether I should do 2 regular size fans or 1 200mm fan?

    Also if the front of my case has a 200mm intake and the back of my case has a regular size exhaust fan, what should the one on the top of my case be? Intake or exhaust? My PSU is at the bottom of the case.
  4. Ok I have figured out after some searching that I need an exhaust on the top. The question is, if I have one big 200mm intake in the front, one regular sized exhaust in the back, will two regular exhausts on top work good or one big one?
  5. i would recommend 2 smaller to mid-sized fans on top. reason being if 1 fails, 1 is still working. 2 will most likely give you better airflow as well, depending on how much money you wanna shell out for fans.
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