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Just ordered my new i7 build. Equipped with a OCZ Vertex SSD SATA II Drive and crossfire video; wondering after i install my Win7 .iso what Virus Protection Prgm should i get for it? Willing to pay for it.
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  1. Well, I am using AVG antivirus. It's a free a/v program and one of the best. You can also upgrade to pro. I have been using avg for at least 8 years, I trust them.

    If you go 64bit, you may be limited as to what is available. AVG works in x64.
  2. Havent paid for antivirus in years, im running AVG and Ad Aware both the free versions. AVG hasnt let me down yet so i recommend them, especially since stuff like norton costs $40 a year and AVG works just as well but the cost for the free version is covered by their commercial subscriptions.
  3. Currently using Avira Antivir on my Windows 7 system. Have used AVG without complaint. Also using Malwarebytes for spyware prevention/removal.

    -Wolf sends
  4. I am using NOD32 by ESET works well with Vista 64 i am sure it will suport win 7
  5. Here is a link of a review of some recent anti virus software by Tom's. Here they test both free and commercial anti virus software so it should give you a nice selection of information.
    Note: The review is 3 months old but is still pretty up to date.

    Tom's 2009 Anti-Virus Roundup
  6. I am using Norton 2009.....i am loving it......runs in the background...came free for a year with my MOBO

  7. Nortons ***, had it for about 2 years, slowed down my machine as hell, go for Kaspersky
  8. 1) Avira
    2) AVG
  9. havent tried it on win7 but the easiest fit and forget AV is AVAST

    Antivir is a slightly stronger package , but lacks too many features in the free version . Things like real time email scanning are important , and it bugs you to update . Very useful second opinion that you turn on every now and again .

    AVG , not feature rich and a bit clunky
  10. I guess we will have to wait and see..... Normally this question is asked after the OS is released....
  11. Bit diffender really works its just a bit expensive in my country but in the U.S.A it cheaper
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