Asus EAH4830 heat problems

Hello guys,

I have Asus EAH4830 and I noticed it output a lot of heat. The biggest problem is MEMIO temp. It reaches ~110C then heavily loaded. I tried changing thermal paste, DISPIO & SHADERCORE temps dropped few degrees, but MEMIO about the same

IDLE temps:

LOAD temps(using FurMark v1.7):

I also noticed only 5 VRAMs have thermal pads, other 3 have no contact with heatsink. Is this normal?

Thanks for help!

P.S take no notice about fan speed. It is spinning normal.
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  1. This card should be:
    47C (IDLE)
    70C (under load)

    This will increase if you are not properly eliminating heat from your case. You should have at least one CASE FAN (preferably 120mm) to move out the heat.

    The above are GPU temperatures. If you aren't getting artifacts or other obvious graphics corruption showing on your monitor I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. I have one 120mm exhaust fan and one 80mm intake fan. No artifacts atm. I' just worried about MEMIO because it's getting over 100C. :sarcastic:
  3. I tried using 80mm fan instead of stock asus fan. Hovewer almost no changes :/
  4. Any help? :(
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