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I am a huge noob at overclocking, and I was planning on oc'ing my intel i7 2600 (not k). I was planning on doing some light ocing meaning only til 4ghz or so and I was wondering if this was possible. I recall hearing it was poasible to ic wih it but it wasnt fully unlocked like the k version. I am have this on a gibabyte z68 ud3h (i think its called that) and i have a 750 watt psu from corsair and if i do oc i will purchase an h80 watercooling system. Thanks and does anyone have any tips for ocing this proccesor it would be greatly appriciated thanks!!
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  1. It OC the same as the k version but has a locked multiplier which should be a max of 42 which is 4.2ghz but that is with only 1 core active. With 4 cores the max is 3.9 since that's how turbo works. This of course is without messing with the bclk. An h80 is unnecessary as a $30 cm 212+ can keep the temps low enough to hit the multiplier wall of even an unlocked i7.
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