XFX 750i SLI Motherboard Overclocking?

I have, as stated, an XFX 750i SLI motherboard along with an e6600 processor. I want to begin overclocking but the manual is vague about how to enable the overclocking functionality. From what i gathered, there is a jumper i must move to enable overclocking, but it doesn't mention on if I leave the jumper there, move it back when i'm done overclocking, or if i just move it long enough to short the connection. And the last thing i want to do is mess up my motherboard.

Could anyone assist me in figuring out what the hell I'm supposed to do?
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  1. You should post this on the Overclocking section of the forums

    check up with overclock.net and maybe you'll come across some information
  2. Hey echo i just oced my xfx 750i sli mobo to
    there should be a small green 2 pin plug on bottom right of your mobo
    You have to move it from the top 2 pins to the bottom 2 pins so there will now be 1 pin exposed at top then just leave it there and go into your bios
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