Intel SSD is moving pretty slow

Hey guys, I recently bought and installed a new Intel 320 SSD 120 gig for a boot drive, and so far its giving me a slower boot\load time for windows than my regular HHD, and about the same boot time if not slower for my games. I reconfigured my mother board's sata II chipset to be ACHI, checked to make sure my firmware was the latest, and put it as the primary boot drive but im still getting sub par results. do you guys have any suggestions?
my specs:
SSD: Intel 320 120 gig SSD
HDD: 2 western digital 1 gigs, and 1 samsung 650 gig
processor: AMD x4 955 at stock speed
memory: 8 gigs, cant remember the brand, fancy heatsinks tho
Video: Powercolor 6970 OC edition
thanks guys your the best!
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  1. Did you optimze Windows for use with a SSD? Here's a link to info that might help:

    Is your ssd plugged into the SATA port marked "SATAII0"? Your motherboard is two years old. My memory isn't the greatest but I seem to recall the boot drive was supposed to be plugged into the SATAII0 port on the motherboard. I might be wrong. Also check you SATA cable. If you have a spare cable try swapping cables.
  2. Try benching it in something like HD Tune, see if the results are up to spec
  3. hey guys i lied my mobo is actually GA-MA790FXT-UD5P
  4. thanks johnnylucky, im working on it now!
  5. oh man thanks so much! i completely forgot to install my mobo drivers (duuuuh) and now its working super fast! all those other tips and tricks seemed to do wonders as well! now i just need to learn about updating my AHCI drivers. if i do do i need to reinstall windows?
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