Gaming lag spikes. WHY!

Hi there I have a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router. I connect to it with my desktop computer which is upstairs, the router is downstairs. I've had no problem with lag until about Christmas time when it started lagging really badly shooting upto 3000MS. I don't know what's caused it and I can't think of what's changed. I didn't touch anything. It's fine for browsing the internet. Downloads are slow but I'm not too bothered about that. I'm really stumped. I've tried changing my wifi channel and turning off WZC. I connect to the wireless via a USB adapter with its own software on it.

Any ideas? I've tried searching but had no clear answer.

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  1. One of those problems that could be hard to identify...

    Are you the only one using the connection and are you downloading much during the day? (Both normal and torrent based, it seems to be the volume generally)

    Also, what connection are you on and with whom?

    I find on Virgin that if my housemate downloads a lot during the day my connection will be throttled and the PING goes crazy for a while (until around 10pm it usually speeds back up again.) There's a lot of throttling going on these days. Resetting routers and modems also sometimes helps.

    It may also be useful to scan for more Wi-Fi networks in the area, although changing the channel would usually help with that. Also, try the inbuilt Software on your computer rather than the USB adapters, that sometimes helps, but rarely.
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