Overclocking and sleep

Is Sleep (in windows 7 - 64bit) not working in overclocked systems?
Which part should I focus on, cpu, ram, nb, sb ?

I, currently, have an Q6600 with asus maximus formula 1 and looking for mild overclocking 3.2GHz with sleep working. My overclocking is stable, prime95.

Waking from sleep system freezes and results to black screen with just the mouse pointer is being displayed.
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  1. Is your overclock stable? Test the OC with something like MSI Kombustor and Prime95 for extended times, and see if the issue isn't possibly software related.
  2. dont use sleep modes with desktops IT DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY

    sleep is designed for laptops, for desktops 80% of them dont like it - disable it

    on or off - the only two modes you need
  3. Thank you for the suggestion but if one tries sleep then ssd speed looks pale.
    By the way, sleep works flawlessly on stock.
  4. @toxxyc, Yes, the overclock is stable, thanks
  5. Then follow apache_lives' advice. Stop using sleep, and rather shut down or hibernate. I've never used sleep either, and I'm not worse off.
  6. And leave SpeedStep on. If your system will not run with SpeedStep enabled, your overclock is not stable.
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