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Hi there! :hello:

Im planning to build a new PC in the near future (two weeks max.), and while researching for components, I found some info over the EFI boot system. However, I could not find witch mainboards already support this feature with enough stability/quality to be used in a day to day basis.

- Do some of you know witch models are selling with this feature (Also with usb3 support, ideally)?
- Is it stable or good enough to be used?
- Any other thoughts on the matter?

I would greatly appreciate any comment regarding this topic.

Thanks in advance,

Ps: Sorry if my engrish has some flaws :lol: , it isnt my mother language.
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  1. are there even any mainstream boards that are using efi yet? i only know of apple that's switched over so far...
  2. According to some information I have found, the Asus P5Q Deluxe got an EFI bios update sometime in 2009, however the update doesnt appear to be an easy one, judging by the feedback provided in the asus forums.


    Here are some vids of the EFI bios in action (In spanish)


    I have also found some info stating that msi would be using this feature in 2009, and even launched an EFI minisite, but it seems these articles are outdated, and the minisite has been taken down.

    So far, there havent been many responses on this topic... come on! there is surely some one out there who can enlighten us abut the current state of EFI boards for PC.
  3. Some of the Intel mainboards support EFI. To figure out which one supports EFI you should have a closer look to the product guide of the mainboard. There you can find in the category "BIOS" (!) of the feature summary the hint "Intel Platform Innovation Framework for extensible firmware
  4. Watched your link to YouTube, read the text, thanks.

    But then, did I see properly that the EFI Bios for the Asus P5Q still takes 10s before it starts the OS boot? That would be disappointing. It wouldn't let me replace my Ep45-ud3r and its 15s Bios.

    I really want something F-A-S-T-E-R, like 4s. Xp boots in 8s, the Bios or Efi is slower that Windows. What a shame.
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