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I would like to upgrade the graphics on my computer. It says Integrated SIS Mirage2 graphics with 128 MB of shared video memory. I have take steps to upgrade the RAM to the maximum 2 GB but would like someone to tell me what graphics card would be best suited to my system and if I need to upgrade the PSU? I am not a serious gamer, but wanted to try out the SPORE game and found out my system is not capable. I would consider myself a novice into the world of computer components, so please accept my apologies in advance if I seem a bit thick. Thank you
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  1. well with that system you would be looking at getting a graphics card for your AGP slot. I'd suggest getting a Radeon HD 3650.


    it should do you fine but its about as powerful a card as you can use, seeing your cpu and memory are quite old. If you have a bit more money i'd suggest getting a totally new computer. BTW you shouldn't need a new psu for the 3650
  2. Thank you very much!
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