Netflix not streaming over wifi connection

I recently got a wifi router for a home computer network and attempted to watch some Netflix movies at a new laptop that uses the wifi connection.
Although internet access generally is fine via the connection and laptop, the wifi connection does not allow download speeds high enough to allow Netflix streaming.
As soon as I hit play at laptop, my laptop freezes up and I have to exit . I ran speedtest and got anywhere from 4-6 on laptop.
Is this a probable problem from slow download speed or perhaps something else>? Can anyone advise me as to probable causes?
I did install Silverlight so that is not a factor.
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  1. 4-6 what? Kbs or Mbs
  2. Maybe 4~6bps?
  3. Ran speed test on mine. 3Mb/s. That's 3 megabits. I watch netflix quite often with no issues. Good luck.
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