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I have an e-mail w/ video attachments (I'm sure the file must be too big) that is stuck in my outbox. I'm not able to delete it as I get the message: Windows has already begun transmitting this message. It's been there (in the outbox) for 2 weeks! HELP!
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  1. you should be able to move it to the draft folder and then be able to delete it.
  2. The maximum size of an attachment that I have been able to send was 21MB. If it is larger that that I would say it is too big.
  3. actually the maximum size for sending and receiving depends on the mail server setting and can differ per account.
  4. What e-mail client are you using? You have posted this question in the Windows7 forum but this problem used to be common with Vista mail before service pack one was installed.
  5. Hi Emerald; no luck: I can't do ANYTHING w/ it! Rizila: the attachment is 82 MB (it's definitly too large). pjmelect: it's outlook 2007 & I have servicepack1. Thanks everybody; still investigating!
  6. Try this.

    Export your inbox to another file (create a new PST file). Do the same for your calendar, contacts, etc.. just NOT the outbox. Copy that pst file to a safe location.

    Make sure you know what your email setup settings are.

    Remove the email account and create a new one. Then import the mail from your backup pst into Outlook under the new email account profile.
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