New micro ATX SFF gamers case: presentation and advices

Good morning everybody,

I’m working with a small team on the conception of a high end, small form factor case (SFF) that will be roughly as big as the Sugo SG01 but will offer much more options in terms of compatibility with high end, “gamers” hardware.
The objective: a clean, silent, sober, ultra compact case, with excellent air flow.
I’m posting the pictures of the first prototype. Keep in minde that we have made quite a few modifications since then, not show in these pictures, but listed in the specifications.


SFF case specifications:

Release date: December 2009

- Type: Micro ATX case, desktop, compact
- Weight: 2.8kg (6.1 lbs)
- Material: 100% aluminium (1.5mm & 2mm)
- Power supply: not included
- Motherboard: Micro-ATX
- Side Window: available on some models
- 5”1/4 bay: 1
- 3”1/2 bay: 2
- 2”1/2 bay: 4
- Fans: 120mm: 2, 92mm: 2, 60mm: 1
- Dimension: 370mm (L) x 287 mm (l) x 214 mm (h)
- Ports: 2 USB, 2 Audio
- Compatible water cooling

Advantages of the case:
- Compact, portable (designer bag available in option)
- 100% aluminium Frame , 1.5mm.
- Brushed aluminium finish
- Motherboard tray for easy installs
- Compatible with heatsinks as high as 190 mm
- Compatible with long graphic cards up to 340mm long, thus including HD5870, HD5890, HD5870X2,...
- Compatible with ATX power supply and extra long ones.
- Separation of heat zones
- Hand screws
- Dust filters
- Anti theft system

I'm counting on your feedback. We are getting close to the release and we'd like to hear what you think!
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  1. I think you'll find that some folks would prefer additional external drive bays.

    Here's an example:
  2. Probably, but we are aiming at "as compact as possible". And the Q micra is big compared to this one. Very big.
    We have to compromise somewhere ;)
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