Want to oc C2D E8200

ok i have the e8200(2.66 ghz) wolfdale series cpu and im getting a new mobo which should be 1333 fsb and memory will be 1333(oc).
also have a old 8500fata1ty edition gfx card and a 400w psu.
i have ready various forums and know that i should be able to reach at least 3,6ghz or 3,9 with just my stock cooler.

since this is my first cpu oc(done gfx card before but thats sandbox stuff) i basically need a step by step with a little info so that i can do it by myself in the future

thanks for your time
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  1. and will be 4 gb ddr3 1333 in addition to above info
  2. and one more question wich is related because im buying a mobo to do all of this.the motherboard says its ram is ddr3 800/1066/1333(oc). what does that last part mean? must i bother buying 1333 or is it suggested?
  3. i think reaching sped that much higher on a stock cooler are absurd... even though you read it, i am not buying it, at all. plus, you are just playing with fire at that point. you are asking your cpu to work 50% faster with the same cooling.. that OC is extreme, and i highly recommended not doing it without an after market cooler. you can get one for less than 30$ . i also would double check that OC speed. just seems awfully high for the stock speed.

    the mobo you are buying supports 800.1066 with no issues. you need to change setting in BIOS to get the 1333 unless you buy a board that supports it already.
  4. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/263074-28-e8200-e8400 Read moricon's long post were it mentions @ 475fsb is safe with a cooler.bring it down to 450fsb(3,6ghz).im pretty sure with the airflow i have it should be alright

    http://www.utheguru.com/overclocking-an-intel-e8200-core-2-duo-processor-2 this guy got his system to 3.92 with stock cooling

    3.66 with stock
  5. I had a e8500 that I ran 3.8 for years. You will be able to hit 3.7 or 3.8 with little issue. Buuuuut DO NOT USE STOCK COOLER ever... I recomend against stock coolers at stock speeds you should never OC with one... They are so cheap now days like last post 30 bucks will get you on the right track.

  6. My e8500 is running at 3.8 right now and I agree- put on a good cooler before overclocking it.

    You have ddr2 ram that is 1333mhz?
  7. your E8500 comes stock at 3.16, running at 3.8, we will call it a gain of .7,, he is asking for a gain of 1.4. i just think that is a little excessive is all. can he hit 3.2-3.4 surely,,, its the extra that has more thinking its sketchy.
  8. What motherboard? A G41 motherboard has very limited overclockability when used with a 333 MHz Wolfdale.

    If you are planning on getting a G41 board, you will be lucky to achieve a 10% overclock.
  9. Mrthorp said:
    your E8500 comes stock at 3.16, running at 3.8, we will call it a gain of .7,, he is asking for a gain of 1.4. i just think that is a little excessive is all. can he hit 3.2-3.4 surely,,, its the extra that has more thinking its sketchy.

    Well it's not quite that bad. Tom's has had good luck in the past overclocking the lesser cpu's. They have gotten to near 4GHz with E5xxx and E7xxx processors.

    I was asking about the ram that the OP was using. The E8500 has a multiplier of 9.5, the E8200 is 8.0. I bought 800mhz ddr2 ram for my E8500, so I run the cpu at 3.8 and the ram at its rated speed of 800. If the OP had ddr3 memory and it sounds like he does, and if I understand how ddr3 ram works, his maximum bus speed would be about 440mhz and his maximum cpu speed would be about 3.5GHz. I think this is possible. My home computer has a Q9400 which has a multiplier of 8 and stock speed of 2.66GHz. I forget what speed I bought but I got faster ddr2 ram with the intent of overclocking. I can get my bus up to 475mhz which runs my cpu at 3.8GHz and it runs fine. That's an increase of 1.14GHz, almost 50%.
  10. ok so first of all.i is ddr3. my idle temp is 32 degree celcius.
    i know i need to monitor that the higher i go and will jugde if i need a better cpu fan.
    since i live in South Africa, beggers cant be choosers when it comes to parts.i am limited to to g41 boards and canot unless i spend double to triple the cash,get even g43
    MSI G41M P26
    and to reply to mrthorp.did you look at my links? those were done on stock fans.
    cheap aftermarket fans are abt 42$ here.and may get a really good one in a few years.but for now im saving up for other things.

    i am more looking for help as i have done the research but i am an utter noob when it comes to bios OC.software may be easy but i have yet to get the board and see what kinda software im working with or if its even a softare OC a good idea
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