EP45-UD3R & USB ACPowered Hub Connected Won't Start?

I just built my first Gigabyte system. I have a GA-EP45-UD3R M/B. I am having problems with it starting up. I have narrowed it down to a USB problem. I have a AC powered USB hub that I use. If the hub is connected to the M/B it will not startup. If I disconnect the hub it starts fine.

I usually turn the AC power off to the hub & have been leaving the power supply on. The red light on the hub stays lit so i know power is on to the USB port. I also connected a non powered hub & discoonected the AC powered hub & it starts fine.

I have a usb K/B & Mouse.

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    Some USB devices simply will not work with GB MOBO/BIOS, at least not with the 775 socketed P and X series chipsets - probably just have to go to a different manufacturer's hub... Some discussion here:
  2. I have two D-Link hubs plugged in to my GA-EP45-UD3R and the computer always boots up just fine.

    I will note that my wife has a Dell laptop with a IOGEAR hub/card reader plugged in and, if she has a GPS device plugged in for charging and she boots up the laptop, the laptop tries to boot from the GPS and fails. She has to make sure the GPS is unplugged to boot up the laptop.

    Perhaps you have something plugged into the hub that the computer does not like or you have the BIOS set to boot from USB devices and it fails? Try booting up the computer with just the hub and nothing else plugged into the hub and see what happens. Also don't forget to plug the hub into all the other USB ports and see if it's a problem only on one port.

    Let us know what happens.
  3. I went home at lunch & had everthing off of this hub & it failed to start. I remove the hub from the system & it starts perfect. I would assume the board does not like the hub.

  4. I guess you can try the hub on another machine somewhere or buy another brand of hub. All I can tell you is that my Gigabyte board, same as yours, has two hubs and it runs fine.
  5. Replaced the ac powered hub with another brand & now boots fine!
  6. If you please, could you post back with the make and model of the non-working hub? Eventually I'd like to finally get to the bottom of this problem, and I intend, first, to take apart a number of bits that have the problem - I'm beginning to suspect they may all share some particular foundry's USB transceiver/controller chip...
  7. This was a no name upright & Port Hub Silver & black with 2 ports on rear & 5 on front side. E-Bay special.
  8. Replaced it with a Belkin 7 port acpowered desktop hub & it boots perfect. It wasn't cheap!
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