CPU Fan Low RPMs But Games Still Choppy

I have a Phenom 9500 and it is really great, no matter what anyone says. I have a question though. When I'm playing Need for Speed: Shift, I can barely play it. The thing is that the CPU fan stays at idle, even though the game is extremely choppy (less than 20FPS). I have a Radeon HD 2400XT, and I was wondering, is this really that bad of a graphics card? I plan on upgrading it, but I understand that this will require a new PSU, so is there any way to get performance a little bit higher? The game is at medium settings.
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  1. im thinking that gpu really isnt enough to pull it. it was budget range about 2 years or so ago. upgrade graphics card and psu accordingly. sorry to be bearer of bad news
  2. You should be able to drop in a radeon 4670 without replacing your power supply. It's several times faster than your 2400 and is strong enough to run any game on the market right now(though it can't handle all the eye candy in a number of new games)
  3. I think I will go for a 4850, and jump for a PSU, I have been directed towards corsair, and they are really good quality but are there any other less expensive brands that I could count on not destroying my computer? I'm sure the ones installed on computers from the store are not the best, so there has to be a happy medium
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