GTX 260 SLI Temperature Question

Hi all, i'm thinking of grabbing a second gtx260 to sli
however, this being my first experience with sli, it looks like there would be barely half an inch between the top card and lower card.

Looking at pics, this seems normal and i read an article somewhere here saying that the top card of a comparative hd4870 reach 80c.

Anyone have experience to how two 260's would run?
"If you thought the GeForce GTX 280 would suffer the same temperature problems in SLI as the GTX 260 in SLI mode"
it sounds like the 260's have some sort of temp problem


on a side note: i have a haf932 case so decent airflow there
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    They will run fine. They will run a little warmer than if they had more space between them but the cooler is designed to suck air from the back of the card as well as the top of the card.I have run 2 260 and 3 260s, 2 285 and 3 285 and it never gets hot enough to cause problems. The cards are designed to be able to run extreamly hot and function great. The fans will just kick in sooner with them stacked ontop of each other.
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