Corsair H80 on 2600K temp?

I am tying to cool my 2600K temp better than 34c idle and 66c for load using Prime95. I have the fans on either side of the radiator blowing air outward on the back of my case. Here is what I got, MSI P67 G80 motherboard, 2600k clocked using Genie at 4.2ghz. The ambient temp is around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The case is cool but I can't get my temp lower. I tried Diamond IC 7 compound as well as the thermal compound that came with the H80. Both seem to be about the same temp, maybe lower with the Diamond compound. Could it be the core voltage using overclock genie at 1.35? I'm seeing people with lower temps using this cooler. Could it be my Dell 730x case? It gets plenty of ventilation and air circulation.
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    What kind of fans are you using in the case and on the cooler?
  2. Your best bet is to overclock in the BIOS...many GUI based tools ramp up your voltage higher than they need to be, resulting in higher temps. And just FYI...any 2500k or 2600k that you overclock over 4 ghz and closer to are going to see fairly higher temps, regardless. You'll need a more powerful cooling solution if you are wanting to see cooler temps at those clock speeds or higher, even if you address your airflow issues. What you are seeing is probably about right...maybe a little warm. If you used better fans in push/pull you might drop your temps 3-4C at load.
  3. In case I didnt clarify, I have a Corsair H80 cooler. I actually have the fans at the lowest setting and my case fans at the lowest setting as well. I did see a 4-5c lower in temp when I set the cooler fans up to the max but it was a little noisy. One day I will sit down and overclock it manually. I did try to set the multiplier to 46x, 45x and 43x but my system didnt boot so I went back to genie. I then realize that I should have turned off a few things and on a couple of things and adjusted the voltages accordingly.
  4. I am in the process of learning how to OC an i5 and, if I could get my temps into the mid 60s with my cooler, I would be really happy. At 4.5GHz I am about 70'C range.

    Isn't anything less than 72.5'C acceptable and 65'C or so comfortable?
  5. thats about right on a low fanspeed setting....thats the trade-off,,, noise for give these fans a shot if you can afford some new ones..........those corsair ones are really loud for what they push.........

    the first will keep you the coolest the last the quietest with the middle in the middle....ALL better options than the corsairs tho!!!
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