Hello, Well after much thought and time spent researching motherboards.I finally found one with what appears to be good performance at a really decent price..I chose the LANPARTY DK 790FXB-M3H5.I know it has some bad reveiws does anybody know if this is in fact a decent performing motherboard? at the price of 119$ it seemed to have alot of perks.If anyone has 1 or used 1 before send me your thoughts on it..thx Here is a link to it any feedback is appreciated. :pt1cable: I plant to use a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Quad Core Processor - 3.40GHz, Socket AM3, 6MB Cache, 2000MHz (4000 MT/s) FSB I also have a 750 watt Power supply and have 2 Ati Radeon HD 4670's Wich I plan to upgrade soon ..
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  1. No, you don't want to buy this board.

    Yes, I've got one of these. And right now it's broken for the third time.

    It runs well enough as long as it does run, but it keeps dying. No, none of the usual problems you would par example expect from overheating components - no segmentation faults or kernel panics, it just dies and is a candidate for another warranty replacement.

    MTBF in my setup so far is about 300 hours.

    The first one lasted 20 minutes and died while I was in the initial BIOS configuration.
    The second board lasted a whopping five weeks.
    The third one lasted one week.

    The first two boards run with the original BIOS, the third one was updated with the D7SDA09 firmware. Didn't change a thing.

    Here my configuration:
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 905e
    Mem: 2x2GB Corsair XMS3 (1333)
    GPU: Palit NE29500TFHD01-PM8B96 (nvidia 9500GT)
    PSU: 550W Corsair (CMPSU-550VXUK) - with surge protection

    (for a configuration that is known to NOT work with this board)

    Scan returns reported a shorted out connection on the first board. The second one was just confirmed as faulty (maybe they don't even bother doing full troubleshooting on these anymore). The third one has not yet been tested.
  2. I have one of these boards and have gone through one so far. The first one died and took a stick of ram with it. The second one just throws the cpu voltage around and I am constantly changing it back to normal. I would stay away from this board. Also Dfi support is pretty weak when comes to rma's and customer service, newegg had to give me a replacement board to cover for them. Go with the MSI GD 70fx thats the best am3 board out. I currently own 3 am3 motherboards and I have to say the msi gd 70 is the best.
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