Overclocking from 1066 to 1333Mhz

I have Gigabyte G41MT-ES2L Motherboard which support 1066Mhz Ram.But i hav recently buyed 2*2Gb Ram (1333Mhz).
Bt in Bios it shows only 1066Mhz..

How can i upgrade or overclock it ???
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  1. You can try to raise the fsb clock and that will indirectly raise the ram clock as well even if it were not working on a 1:1 ratio to the NB and cpu FSB. That will overclock your cpu though but it should be to much. The gains from 1066 to 1333 are small knowing that most of the bandwidth is wasted by the memory controller's poor overall performance for the 775 platform.
  2. I have a G41MT-ES2L with an E6500 in it running home office stuff.

    This should be your first stop.
    Core2 Overclocking Guide

    Shadow's Gigabyte motherboard OC guide:
    It's for an EP35-DS3L but all the Gigabyte Core2 BIOS's are similar. The G41 will have fewer settings.

    Go through the guides. Then take your core voltage off Auto and set your memory voltage to factory recommended values You can push the DDR3 voltage to 1.65 volts in a Core2 system. Change the System Memory Multiplier from AUTO to 4.0. Then when you increase the FSB, the memory clock will rise in in proportion with it. At an FSB of 266 MHz, your memory clock should be at 1066 MHz. At an FSB of 333 MHz, your memory clock should be at 1333 MHz.

    Download CPU-Z to check your FSB:RAM ratio. It should be a 1:1 ratio.

    Here are links to 3 of my replies to G41 overclocking threads (I get tired of writing the same thing over and over :)):
    G41 OC threads:
  3. My FSB:RAM ratio is 5:8
  4. my FSB:RAM is 5:8 too, having problems PC doesnt boot at all with 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM, on my mother tht supports "Support for DDR3 1333(O.C.)/1066/800 MHz memory modules"
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