Laptop Dies Immediately with Ticking Sound

Hi all,

I have a Gateway M675 laptop. When I turn it on, the power light comes on for a split second, as does the fan. Then, nothing except a steady ticking sound, which continues until I unplug the adapter from the laptop. The adapter plug has a green light on it. That green light is a bright green until I hit the On switch. Then, it goes to a very dim green. I have completely disassembled the laptop and added some solder to the points where the power jack is connected to the mobo. That didn't help, but I'm sure that jack could still be the problem. Can anybody help out?

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  1. i am having the same problem here mate, with the e systems laptop. the lights bright green and then as soon as i plug it into the laptop it makes a noise from the adapter and the lights gone dim. im guessing replacing the adapter with a new one would fix this.
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