DVD drive not reading empty or data discs

Hey everybody

my drive works fine when reading bootable discs. I just today booted into ubuntu from the drive without any problems. Yet in xp when I try to insert and empty or data dvd or cd, the drive keeps spinning up and slowing down, spinning up and slowing down, like its trying to read it but failing.

Out of curiosity, I run ubuntu from a usb stick and the same problem happens there.

I'm at a lack of words... so it doesnt work in xp or ubuntu, but I was able to boot ubuntu from the cd, as well as look at the ubunutu files from the cd in xp, yet not data discs I had previously burnt!
empty dvds and cds arent recognized either.

Can anybody explain this? please I really need a solution!

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  1. Easiest solution I can think of is buy another one for $15. If that wasn't the problem then your only out $15 and you have a spare.
  2. Is this a SATA drive or an IDE?
    If it's an IDE..check to make sure the jumper is set to master.....
    If it's a SATA then you might have a bad cable...get the locking type they are more reliable for connection.
    Can your discs be read on another computer?
    Sometimes if you don't close a disc properly it will not be read...
    Hope this helps...JQ
  3. DVD devices actually have 2 lasers (keeping this very basic). One for DVDs and one for CDs (they use different wavelengths). One can work properly while the other does not.

    Check that your optical drive is clean (blow it out) or run a cleaner disk through it. If that fails, it may be time for a new optical drive.

    Good luck!
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