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I need some help building a water cooled system. I ordered a case that comes with water cooled stuff. It is a Thermaltake VH600LBWS Armor+ Full-Tower ATX Case with Liquid Cooling.

I have built computers before but never a water cooled one. So Im iffy on how to do it correctly. I dont want to fry my 500 dollar mobo from getting it wet. So my main question is this:

Do you need a cpu fan? or do you just use a water block? or are you supposed to use both? Like I said this is the first water cooled system I have ever built so I dont know where to start when it comes to assembling it. :pt1cable:

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. FAIL! :pfff: Really. If you read the MANY threads on WCing people will say DO NOT BUY THERMALTAKE water cooling. They are low quality, low performing, and leak/break easily.

    If you could spend $500 on a board you could surely have spent $250-300 on a custom water cooling loop for CPU.

    Really, educate your self first:
    You should have read the many WCing guides (xs,ocf,ocn,etc) on the net before even buying that.

    WCing is a hobby, it's not something for everyone.
  2. Water cooling is a useless flashy thing. It's like adding stuff on your car...

    My advice would be, get a refund...
  3. Quote:
    Water cooling is a useless flashy thing.

    Umm.... no. It helps in OCing with temps. Shou me one air cooler running ~55-60C under P95 load with a i7 @4.2Ghz.
  4. Ok....easy guys....sheesh,lol...

    I bought it on impulse. I can use the case without the water cooling. Its just the case comes with water cooling so if you want to use it you can.

    But anyway, what brand would you all recommend. I am oc'ing a i7 xtreme. Im at 3.9ghz under load. I dont need to go much faster...yet, but my cpu temp is at 120 cause I had to replace a cpu fan that broke. All I had at the time was the stock one, so I had to install it until I get this water cooling stuff in a few days.

    Thanks for the responses. and thanks for the link to the guide. :)
  5. I forgot to mention I live on the west coast which is the main reason I even considered water cooling.

  6. Fair enough to water cool if your ambient temperature is high but tbh watercooling still uses ambient air over the radiators so you'll never go below ambient and if you're only clocking as far as 3.9GHz then you can do that on air no problem.

    And save yourself a ton of cash doing it on a i7 920 instead.

    But watercooling is fun if you can do it, so read up and enjoy.
  7. After reading through multiple WC guides, I conclude that I should not have been hasty. I used to be a real bare bones build it yourself enthusiast, but years have past and I just want it to work now. I really dont have the patience to build a WC system.

    Thanks for the replies. I can sort of say now about WC, "i see the light". I will wait till my CPU fan gets here and just use it. With air I get 82 degrees idle and 98-100 under load. That is to say with a good CPU fan (like the one I had before it broke). If I do WC I would rather just pay for it. Money isn't a problem for me at all. Taking the time and energy to experiment and learn however, is.

    Thanks anyway. :hello:
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