CD/DVD Drive won't detect blank media.


I have a DVD writer. It's really cheap and unbranded but I've used it before when burning ISOs to disc. I'm using the same brand media that I've used before and the same software, but for some reason it won't detect the blank media anymore. It can detect game discs and my Windows 7 disc.

Since burning I have upgraded to a new motherboard/cpu, could that be the problem?

I don't know much about the disc drive, I just know that it says DVD on the front, along with RW combo and it's an IDE drive.

Phenom II X2 550 BE (Both cores unlocked in BIOs)
Radeon HD 5750 512mb
Windows 7 Ultimate
2GB DDR3 1033mhz
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  1. When you say it won't recognise blank media do you mean when you are trying to burn something to the disc or when you are just in Windows?

    Do you have another computer you can test this drive in?

    Given the price of new DVD drives you can always pick up another. However you should make sure it's not your OS / Burning utility that is the problem first.
  2. just because it's the same brand of media, doesn't mean it is the same media!
  3. This can be caused by unplugging a USB flash drive without safely "ejecting" it first. Apparently if you don't follow proper procedures before removing a USB flash drive it can cause conflicts with DVD burner functionality. Try inserting a flash drive and then "eject" it when it says it is safe to do so and the issue may correct itself. Hope this helps.
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