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Hi!i have a gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H new motherboard and it has 3 sata hookups on it and on all 3 it says windows can't continue no hard disk found and i've tryed 3 different hard drives and different sata cables...i work on comps a lot but i can't figure this one there supose to have any jumpers on this motherboard?
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  1. Have you tried hooking up the hard drives one at a time?
  2. can you get into the BIOS? Is the BIOS detecting the drive? I believe there is also a chance that the optical drive could be causing the issue ... try using a different one.
  3. Yes, just try booting up with a hard disk, no DVD or optical. In the Gigabyte BIOS there will be an Integrated Peripherals tab with options to enable or disable the On-Chip SATA mode. It may be disabled at the moment. Can't see that it's anything too major.
  4. r_manic said:
    Have you tried hooking up the hard drives one at a time?

    hi this is farmer56 and yes, every time it was only 1 hard drive that i did at a time but one other ansure i gut was about the bios bein set rite, i'm not sure cause i've never hade this problem before, but sumetime when i get back to it, i'll check on system startup and see what it says....if ya know anything else please let me know and thanks so much for ya info bud....Jerry.....
  5. try to check right jumper attached on the hard disk or sata port or check carefully the power connection on hard disk. good luck. bye.
  6. Hey have you looked on bios set up if not while you restart press del or F2 and you will go the bios set up and there may be the setting on hard disk option there you may have choosed disable, this problem comes due to this cause also. you can make me your friend my e-mail id is
  7. Bhupal Thapa said:
    try to check right jumper attached on the hard disk or sata port or check carefully the power connection on hard disk. good luck. bye.

    ya i've tryed all settings but i've read that sata does'nt need jumpers but i still tryed em...thanks bud for tryin ta help...Jerry.....
  8. I apologize for not asking this earlier, but when is Windows telling you that it cannot continue? Are you able to get to the Partition Selection window?

    Now I apologize yet again, what version of Windows are you trying to install (back to the basics)
  9. HI! i have windows xp pro....i think 2003 and it'll only copy files from the first part of the disk, then i hit the next and thats when it says that windows can't continue because it can't find a hard i've done this a 1000 times but this ones gut me...lolol....i'm wonderin if theres supose ta have a jumper set on the motherboard? rite now i'm waitin for a power supply for this other new motherboard i gut, its a biostare, i had ta get the 8 pin power hookup...heres the motherboard link and the power supply link...

    thanks bud for ya help, they say 2 heads are beter than one....lolol.....
  10. When XP install 1st starts you have a information bar that flashes on the bottom of the screen saying Press F6 to install additional drivers.

    You need to install drivers for your storage sub-system, have a look through the posts on this page about creating a custom XP install disc with the addtional drivers already on it ...

    I would be willing to bet that Vista or Windows 7 would install without a hitch on this motherboard, XP just needs a little TLC to get it going
  11. ummm, i know i can buy windows but i don't have that kinda funds so i have pirated windows xp pro SP2 and i never hears tell of bein able ta put drivers on before the windows is, but like i said before, i still have a lot ta learn, everybody around here brings there comps ta me and i've never had a problem redoin or doin motherboards....see if you can explane it a little beter for me on how to put drivers in first.....thanks again bud.....Jerry....
  12. I will NOT help you pirate software, I am not in the Bill Gates fan club but if people want to use the software that his company developed they should pay for it. Linux is free, use it if funds are an issue
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