Trouble Booting; need new graphics card or new psu?

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I tried reading all the boot/beep threads all day in search of a solution before having to ask the community. Hope someone can help me with my dilemma.

So how it goes is, I turned on my computer and ran DVD Shrink. Left and returned 30min later and the computer was off. At that time, pushing the power on button in front had no result, absolutely no sounds or anything to indicate the system would power up. After reading various how-to's and threads on troubleshooting a computer that won't turn on, I tried checking the ram and in different slots. Afterward, the pc turned on, but now there was one long, continuous, non-stop beep, and no screen. Researching boot/beeps led me to retry switching ram slots, using more, less or even no ram, reseating and unseating vid card. Got same long, continuous beep with each reboot. Finally, I decided to try removing my vid card, a sapphire 4670 and put in my old vid card a radeon x300, everything booted fine, windows et al! Shut-down, repeated a few times, worked again & again! So then I retried the 4670, got back the long beep, psu fan is running, cpu fan is running, 4670 fan is not running. I tried unplugging all cd drives, and my tv tuner card and still got the long beep with the 4670 installed, psu & cpu fan running, 4670 fan not. Through the threads I've learned a continuous beep can mean ram, video memory problem or not enough power to video card, but without another pc or psu I can't test either things.

I've been using the 4670 in my pc for 2 months without problems till today. Within the past 4 years however, the pc has had numerous random shutdowns, but none within the last 4 months. So do you think I need a new psu, I currently have a 400w psu, or a new gpu? Being a new grad, money is an issue. So I'm hoping the community can help me isolate the problem so I would know which part is most likely the culprit and should be replaced. Basically I'm trying not to buy one part to realize the problem is with the other and have to spend even more.

My pc is a sony vgc-rc110g. Don't think I'll ever buy name brand again.

Thanks for your help in advance, hope I've provided enough detail.
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  1. Did you plug in the molex connector on the 4670?
    Test the memory with memtest86+.
  2. If you are getting random shutdowns and the memory is fine and the video card has it's power connector plugged in and the CPU temperature is okay, it might be a failing power supply.
  3. The 4670 gets all it's power from the pci-e, so there's no power connector on it. The psu is 400w, with +12-1 is 10A and +12-2 is 17A. Do you think the amps from the 12 rail is enough or not really?
  4. Yes, it sounds to me like your PSU is at the end of it's lifespan.
    Even if it is rated at 400w, it is quite old (older PSU's can not produce as much power) and an OEM unit (shoddy construction to shave off a few cents leads to lower output).

    Any quality 350w+ PSU should have no issues powering your system.
    Look into a quality Corsair, Seasonic, PCP&C, Enermax or Antec Earthwatts 350w+ PSU like This PCP&C 370w.
  5. Your PSU prbably killed your GPU and now you need a PSU and GPU.

    Buy PSU 1st and try your 4670, but if it dont work on new PSU its dead.

    If you buy a new GPU without PSU youll probably fry antoher one and be out the $$.
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