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Hi all.

I am wondering if the AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4Ghz, 8MB, AM3 Black Edition cpu can run with ddr2 800 mhz ram??
and if i should get that one or a 955...

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    If you have an AM2+ board yes it can. There is no reason to get a 965 when the 955 is cheaper and has an unlocked multiplier so you can just bump it up by 1 and have a 965 for free.
  2. thanks man for the reply.

    i has a MA770-UD3 motherboard which is HT 3.0 and AM3 quad core ready.

    but yeah if you think i will work ill give it a blat and yeah i will just get a 955 then since its 50 bucks cheaper.

    looking forward to the upgrade as i will be getting rid of a X2 6000+ cpu :P
  3. It should work fine
  4. Yes it can as that mb is ddr2 compatible with any 240pin module motherboards. YOu cannot use any motherboards that utilize ddr or ddr3 as they have a different RAM connector/PIN. DDR2 motherboards are still common and are the norm, they were introduced in late 2004 - early 2005.
  5. so i thought i would update my update. so yep 800 mhz ram works no problem with the 955 BE processor, but the even cooler thing is i was able to boost my ram to 1066 mhz in my motherboards bios...
    now im playin around with oc'n but i cant go to hardout as my little 350 watt psu wont take the beatings :P

    so yep lovin the cheap as chips upgrade. and boy does my com run games smooth as butter :)
  6. Ya,It will Work Fine!
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