Sound card causing POST long beep?

I own a Gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H motherboard. The other day I had to pull my Creative X-Fi sound card and reinstall it to get it working again (long story). I noticed something they I had overlooked before:

When the motherboard/BIOS does the POST without the Creative sound card installed, it will give a single short beep and boot the OS. No problems. With the Creative X-Fi installed it will give a single long beep and boot the OS. No problems either. It does this regardless of cold or warm boot. When I bought it came with Bios F3a, have since flashed it to F6. No difference.

Is my motherboard trying to tell me something? What I have read on the internet about a single long beep suggests possible memory problems, but since the sound card seems to be the cause.... bad sound card? That X-Fi is causing me regular grief, but I have always assumed it to be a driver/software problem.

Any suggestions?

Regards, Christine
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  1. If it's changing the beep code in the POST, it's the hardware.

    As long as it's working, I'd leave it alone. If it goes out, you can switch to onboard audio.
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