Serious about Core i7 Build

Hello, I am serious about getting a Core i7 setup.

I have been researching Nehalem and Bloomfield since they were released.
This system will be used for gaming, and multimedia.
Specifically, Grand Theft Auto IV, Flight Simulator X, Call of Duty: World At War, Crysis, things on those lines.

I plan on getting the 920, at 2.66ghz. $199.99 At MicroCenter
I also plan to heavily overclock, but not at first. So I will not require an aftermarket cooler at the moment.
MSI X58 Pro tri SLI/Xfire $189.99

OCZ Gold 6gb triple-channel COMBO
with sapphire 4890 1gb $277.98 (Plan on 2 or 3 cards in future)

Total: $667.96
Motherboard questions
-What are the pro's and con's of the motherboard I selected?
-The 3 PCI-E slots run at X16, X16, and X4. If I tri-sli or tri-xfire, does that X4 slow me down a considerable amount?

Memory questions
-These OCZ's appear to be the same as the Corsair Dominators. Is there any reason to spend extra money on the Dominators?
-Are the Dominator timings "that" much better?

Video card questions
-Is this good enough for what I want to do with it? (Gaming, and multimedia, see top for details)
-Should I look at the other combo's to try and find a GTX 260, or something?
-Pro's and Con's of my video card selection?

And Finally: am I missing ANYTHING? (Besides the other peripherals like hard drives, dvd drives, etc.)

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any and all responses to this.
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  1. The dominators are overpriced, and the OCZ gold has the same timings if i remember correctly so they will perform identically.

    What resolution are you going to be running at?
  2. Im glad this is a serious thread about an i7 build .

    all the funny ones have left me wanting more
  3. I will be running at 1680X1050. But way down the road (possibly after this PC) I plan to get a 30 inch. But that's years from now.

    And I plan to buy this within this week. We are on a tight budget, but we intend to buy quality parts. I plan to make this last a long time, so I am looking for options there, like 6 RAM slots, Xfire/SLI compatibility, stuff like that.

    Also, I just noticed. I read the sticky JUST after I posted this. Sorry I didn't use the correct template :( will do for next time! (dad needs a computer too)
  4. Okay if you swap the RAM/GPU combo for this one it will give you a significantly stronger GPU for slightly more

    You may not even need to upgrade to dual cards as by the time you get the 30 inch the 5xxx series is likely to be out which will greatly out perform the current lineup, the 4890 should also be able to handle most things either maxed or on high at that resolution for a while.

    The template makes it alot easier and keeps from having to ask the same questions over and over so it is greatly appreciated, but you did include most of the pertinent information in your original post which was good.
  5. Yeah, I saw the HIS one. I don't have experience with either brand, but I assumed since they are both 4890 and not "Super duper overclock" editions, they'd be the same.

    And I will upgrade as needed. If needed.
    I agree with the template, but yeah I try to provide as much information as possible, so people can understand what I need.

    Any other recommendations? I was looking at some of those GTX285's. Are those better than 4890's?
  6. GTX 285s are better than the 4890 but they also cost more. i thought i saw your original combo had a 4870 sorry, failed at reading. The overclocked HIS card likely uses a higher binned GPU chip to allow for higher overclock at reduced heat which will be useful if you want to overclock your GPU.
  7. I will overclock, as needed. Is the GTX 285 worth the extra dough? and can an overclocked 4890 compete? I would like a card that plays GTA IV on high settings. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the game, but it only lets you set graphics to the resources on your card.
  8. GTA IV is a very poor game to base your graphics needs around, it is a poor port and doesnt perform well even on top end hardware.,670889/GTA-4-PC-Benchmark-with-7-Ati-and-Nvidia-graphics-cards/Reviews/?page=2
    But it does seem to favor the nvidia cards in that review so you should atleast look into a GTX275 if that is what you want to play.
  9. Alright, will do. I'm not TOO picky about frames.
    If I get at least 30 I'll be happy. But I do understand it is a bad port.
    Is the GTX 275 the nVidia equivalent to the 4890?
  10. yeah, they tend to trade blows on most games
  11. Oh, okay. I'll be taking all of this into consideration, putting my own thoughts into it, and talk to some people at MicroCenter.

    Thanks everyone
  12. I thought the GTX 260 Core 216 was = 4890. I have a link that I'll update when I get a chance.
  13. Found it already. Realized it was my own thread that it was in haha... Check this out though for GPUs. I found it pretty helpful.,review-31583-6.html
  14. ^ The GTX 260 - Core 216 ~ performance with 4870 1GB...

    But in games that favour Nvidia chips, maybe you could see similar performance with those cards ( GTX 260 and HD 4890)
    But in general, the HD 4890 and the GTX 275 are considered to be in the same league...
  15. the new modern warfare 2... what will it favour? nvidia or Ati? is there any trends in the old CoDs compared to the new one, or are they different?
  16.,2332.html is a good article on tri sli and the different setups from 16x16x4, 16x16x16, and 16x8x8.
  17. Will take all of this into consideration.

    And I just read the 16x16x4, 16x16x16, and 16x8x8 guide.

    Does the speed really not affect it that much? That's incredible! I'll probably get a 16x16x8. I don't really want anything x4.
  18. Just a tip, if you are going to get an aftermarket cooler at any time, just get one right away. Last you want to do is have to take EVERYTHING apart again because of the way the cooler mounts on the motherboard.
  19. That's true, I didn't think of that.

    Actually, because of that, I'm just going to get my dad to pay the extra for it. Its worth not using Intel's joke of a CPU cooler with it's joke plastic clips.

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
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