Phenom II X2 or Athlon II X4?

I'm going to build two systems for my sister and I. I just don't know what to get. I've looked at the charts and comparisons, and while one has it's advantages in one category, the other does better in another. Can anyone help me out here? My sister will make use of Photoshop, Office, and her web browser. We'll both be using Windows 7. I will make use the same apps, but I also make use of VLC media player, DivX, Visual Studio. I may even install Rebel EFI and install Snow Leopard. Does anyone have any recommendations what which processor I should between these two? I'm looking at the 620, 630, 545 and 550. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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  1. The Athlon II X4 620 is a dream for running Divx and Photoshop.

    Since the Athlon II X4 is just a few bucks above the Athlon II X2, it's definitely worth it. If your sister only uses Photoshop, Office and the web broswer, except for Photoshop, the CPU won't make much of a difference.

    VLC media player is very light on your CPU. Both CPUs will play acceptably. DivX and Visual Studio are both well suited to multi-core applications. In DivX, the quad-core will really shine. In Visual Studio, the dual-core will be faster, because of it's higher clockspeed and the fact it doesn't make use of all four cores yet. However Microsoft is amending this.

    If you decide to run more than one of these applications at the same time you'll see more benefit from the Athlon II X4.
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    get 2 620, no dought about it... first of is your sisters, if she uses photoshop which is alread multi-threaded, athlons 4x just slaughter any dual core... about you i dont know if those aplications use more then 2 cores at the moment, but i guess they will eventually, so i would say only someone who doesnt think about the future buys a dual core thise days, especially with 620's around...
  3. If you want to run Snow Leopard via OSX86, Intel hardware is recommended for maximum compatibility. CPU choice doesn't directly affect Snow Leopard compatibility. It has more to do with the motherboard and the chipset.
  4. PS: i dont think the extra MHz on the 630 are worth the extra bucks...
  5. At this point, going anthing less than quad-core is a bad idea. Software will be catching up before you know it. When that happens, people who bought dual-cores now or recently will be kicking themselves.
  6. get more cores
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