Need help on first time build

I recently decided to try and build my first computer and after getting everything together I powered it up for the first time. The guide that i've been using says I should hear 1 beep. As it stands I hear none.

The monitor comes on and I get the first screen that gives me the option of hitting delete to go into the bios and then it goes to a hardware monitor screen that has some temps and voltages listed.

Should I be concerned with not hearing the beep.

Also its a biostar ta790gxb a+ MB, an amd Phenom 2 x4 940.
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  1. you dont have a case speaker, you wont hear beeps without a case speaker. If it boots fine then its fine, if its not booting then follow the steps in the sticky at the top and follow the link in their to the site that sells case speakers
  2. What is a case speaker? Also I hooked up my normal speakers if that makes any difference.

    BTW its a Antec 300 case.
  3. In that case no you dont have a case speaker. Hopefully someday people will understand why we ask about case speakers and not speakers, you can get a case speaker here
    notice that its just a piezo buzzer, not a full speaker, that is what is meant by a case speaker.
  4. Thank you for the info.

    The guide I was following was adament about hearing one beep. And if you didn't hear any you probably had a problem with the motherboard. Needless to say I was starting to regret trying to build one myself.
  5. Build it all the way till you think it is completed and should run, 99% of the time it will work right and you wont need the case speaker, the case speaker is mostly only for trouble shooting if something isnt working right. If everything works and windows installs fine you really dont need a case speaker, unfortunately rarely do motherboards and cases come with them these days.
  6. WTH! Never heard of a case speaker. I don't think there's one as it would be pointless.

    Eitherway, the beep sound doesn't come out from the case. It's from the mobo, check the lower part where you connect your ac97, power led button, etc. there should be a speaker-like dongle connected there. If not, then check your mobo manual if it has one and connect it.
  7. that little speaker like dongle is call a case speaker, its one and only purpose is to allow the user to hear the bios beeps, some systems actually have a 2 inch speaker which can be used as a primary speaker built into the cases though but the little buzzers that most use can only produce 1 noise. And most motherboards dont have them, they used to come with the case, motherboards generally have a spot where the buzzer could have been soldered on at the factory but it rarely is.
  8. Ah now I remember. There is usually a speaker located at the bottom part of old CPUs and that what it is called. lately, I haven't seen one included in a case recently (i'm using antec casings). hehe.. I'll write it down on my handy dandy.
  9. I decided to go ahead and load windows and all my other software and things seemed to be working fine but I have another questions about temps.

    When I run the AMD overdrive utility my tmpin1 = 92 C, tmpin2 = 24 c, and tmpin3 = 19 C.

    With CPUID HW monitor the tmpin0 = 92 C, tmpin1 = 24 C, and tmpin2 = 19 C.

    The 92 C seems alittle off to me.
  10. what does the 92C go with? One of the temperature sensors may have gotten screwed up, if its the CPU or GPU and its not shutting down then there is a glitch in how HW montior is reading it.
  11. The 92C reading could also mean you didn't properly install the heat sink. Did you read the instructions on how to install the HSF? Is it installed tight with very little or no play?
  12. ^No he's just got a damaged sensor, since the AMD phenom II series only has one sensor for the whole CPU, so it estimates what the temp for each core is.
  13. Helloworld_98 said:
    ^No he's just got a damaged sensor, since the AMD phenom II series only has one sensor for the whole CPU, so it estimates what the temp for each core is.

    I don't think you have any way of knowing that he has a damaged sensor. I'm just trying to get him to check the HSF before he damages his CPU.
  14. I'm pretty sure the HSF is on correctly.

    According to AMD overdrive my temps are:

    cpu core 0 - 33.5 C
    cpu core 1 - 33.5 C
    cpu core 2 - 33.5 C
    cpu core 3 - 33.5 C

    TMPIN1 - 92 C
    TMPIN2 - 24 C
    TMPIN3 - 24 C
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