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i'm using a Gigabyte GeForce 9500GT on a Samsung T240HD monitor at 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz
i'm having problems with some 720p playing in full screen. The image looks pixelated. I know it should lose some quality but this is really crappy. Even the subtitle seems pixelated. I don't think this is normal. I'm using a DVI - HDMI cable. Please take a look at the screen shots i made and tell me if this is normal or not.
I've tried both VLC and KMP and maybe there are some settings i'm missing.

l.e.: i think imageshack shrinked the pictures. I don't know if they're still relevant.
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  1. I don't really know where to check for the scaling options. Now that i've searched for it, it seems i do not have any nvidia display controls or something like that when right clicking the desktop or in the taskbar...
    In control panel i have an nvidia icon called "NVIDIA Physx (32-bit)" and as the name says, it won't open on my 64 bit Win 7.
    Any suggestions?

    l.e.: After reinstalling the drivers, i have now access to nvidia control panel and i found under "adjust desktop size and position" 4 options:
    -use nvidia scaling
    -use nvidia scaling with fixed aspect-ratio
    -use my display's built in scaling
    -do not scale

    "use my display's built-in scaling" is selected and if choose something else and click apply, it asks me if i want to keep the settings, i go for "yes" and it refreshes and selects back the display's built-in scaling, no matter what i choose.
    check the screen capture:
  2. Well, i didn't try using another resolution but i really like 1920x1200 (the native res) for browsing and other stuff. Must i change it everytime i want to watch a movie? and what should i change it to? probably to a res with the same aspect ratio, right (which is 16:10 i think) ? Well...doing this won't make me lose pixels when viewing in full screen? I mean, when i go to full screen, i won't be able to see it in 1920x1200 but in the new non-native resolution I've selected.

    Also, a question remotely related, should i install Samsung T240HD analog or digital drivers for the monitor? I'm using a dvi - hdmi cable os a dvi - dvi.
  3. Hello. I cant see good from the pics you added (next time dont use jpg or 'resize' in imageshack ;) )

    The pixelization can be normal, but not to a notisable extend...
    Probably the 'streching' or zooming is done in the player. Try disabling the resizing from the video card's options (if there are any) and try different settings for the zooming in the player.

    Atleast the pics show you are getting the correct 16:9 resolution, so atleast you dont get stretched movie :P

    PP: if you want try CCCP codecs + Media player clasic home cinema to see if there is interference with some zooming/ HW options of your video. This codec pack uses only your processor for playback...
  4. Quote:
    Hi, use a digital driver if it has one as you are using a digital connection.

    You only need to change the res once so as to access the controls. Then you can change it back and they will only come into effect when showing a full screen non native image of video.

    Tried to change res, change scaling options in nvidia control panel but when i change back to 1920x1080, the setting changes also.
    is it possible Win7 drivers to have some problems from the nvidia website? should i try vista 64 drivers?

    @Rossan: i've tried CCCP codecs and the player you said, same thing happens. Besides the option you can see attached above (the screen capture of the nvidia control panel) i didn't find any other scaling options to change/turn them off.
    Unfortunately i do not have the possibility to try the same video file on another configuration, on Windows Xp maybe...I understand image should lose quality but this is just absurd...a 720p looking like a damn CAM...

    Also, i think i can't just install a Windows XP on another partition since Win7 creates some special partitions. I had XP and when formated 2 out of 3 partitions and installed Win 7, i just couldn't see the third partition in my computer so i had to eventually format the 3rd one as well and lose all my data. I'm not willing to do this experiment (Win7/XP) again.

    l.e.: if i choose 1280x720 as a resolution and play those 720p files, the image is OK. No more pixelated contours. Maybe this is relevant...
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