Ram upgrade to 8GB

I currently run windows XP (32 BIT) with 4GB of RAM.

I am upgrading to Windows 7 64 Bit version.

I have a Asus Motherboard P5K-VM.

My question is about the Ram to buy.

I plan to get 4 x 2GB modules.

Will i not a massive difference between the follow:

DDR2 PC2-8500 CL5 -

PC2 -6400 (800MHz) DDR2-SDRAM Unbuffered Non-ECC CL6 (as in http://www.lambda-tek.com/componentshop/index.pl?prodID=B127652&viewOverview=y&showold=#productTop)

I understand the second the second is slower but will i notice with 8GB? Its a lot cheaper but i dont wanna cripple my machine

On a second point which is going to be quicker PC2-8500 CL5 or PC2-6400 CL4

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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- The difference between 800MHz (PC2-6400) and 1066MHz (PC2-8500) isn't significant.

    2- For Win 7 x64 is enough with 4GB or 6GB, this depends of your processor.

    3- Maybe you never use the 8GB with the games and applications that exist today.
  2. Thank you for the help.

    I have read that setting up 1066MHz ram can be a bit of a pain. Is it work just sticking to 800Mhz?

  3. azreal1983 said:
    Also I have found this RAM:



    are they the same thing just own in overclocked. Could I run the cheaper fast ram at 800Mhz?


    Aren't the same RAN. The 1st is PC2-8500 (1066MHz by default) and the 2nd is PC2-6400 (800MHz by default), a OC RAM is a 800MHz by default running at 1066MHZ
  4. So its best of going for the cheaper PC28500
  5. azreal1983 said:
    So its best of going for the cheaper PC28500


    No, the PC2-8500 is more cheap, but is not too good. The CL is high and the Voltage too (2.1v). The recomended voltage is 1.8V or less.
  6. The motherboard can support upto 2.1v
  7. Yea, but isn't recomended.
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