Best 7200-10k rpm hdd's for 4x raid 0

Hey guys,

Quick question - building a new workstation for 3d modeling/animation. mostly running maya, 3ds max, after-effects, zbrush, photoshop, etc etc etc. Obviously this is a workstation - so I don't want to spend my whole budget on ssd's cause i need a lot of storage space and plan on spending a large portion of my budget on a pair of quadro 4000's in SLI. Anywhere between 500 - 1tb for the main 4 primary drives in raid 0 - and your guys's opinions on the best 2-3TB drives (2 for another raid 0 config)

so yeah, what's your opinion on the best drives for a 4 drive raid 0 config (7200 - 10k rpm)
and then opinions on the best drives 2-3TB drives for a raid0 config

and i really dont wanna hear about "well for the price of those 2 quadro's you could be running some ssd's instead!" I don't want ssd's. I do very high-def models and animation scene's - the project files and video outputs etc exceed 500mb - 1gb per video - plus the files for the scenes, models, textures, etc etc - it uses a ton of space. i dont wanna spend $600 for 250-512gb ssd's.

any help is appreciated - thanks guys.

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  1. Great 1 TB drives for RAID:

    Both the above drives are good proven quality drives.

    There are some 2 TB as well as 3 TB drives available, but at this time, I will refrain from recommending any of them.
  2. 1) You probably already know this, but back up often. RAID0 is more prone to failure than single drives or any other RAID configuration.

    2) You may want to consider enterprise-class drives. They are more expensive, but built to endure 24/7 operation and, arguably, more reliable. Depends on how important uptime is to you.
  3. Yes, regular backups are very important, and RAID is no substitute for regular backups!
  4. Seagate 7200.12 is a great drive that benchmarks well by itself and in RAID 0. It's inexpensive and works perfectly with almost any modern motherboard (chipset, raid controller) and operation system. Did i mention cheap? ~ $20 less than WD Black and more consistent performance.

    For sustained read/writes, which is what you're doing, it also benchmarks better when RAID 0'd with 2+ drives.
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