Ausus mother board wont boot after being unplugged for 3 weeks.

Need some help guys,
I have 2 computers both with Asus Motherboards.
I just got back from holiday today both computers have been unpluged for 3-4 weeks.
Both comptuers wont boot when i press the power button the hdd or fan seems to start but nothing else happens, then
If i unplug it from the wall for 30 sec then try it works. but when i shutdown the same thing happens again. power button fans only, unplug from wall plug back in then prss power button then it works.
THis is the same for both computers.
I was wondering if anyone has struck this before?
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  1. This may be a wild guess but try changing your cmoss batteries on the boards. Thats the only thing I can think of.
  2. yeah, your Cmos battery may have died. it shouldn't die so quickly, but replace it and find out.
  3. I believe this is some sort of holy grail punishment for being able to afford a month on holdiay and then not paying a professional to fix your problems. Or maybe thats why you can afford a month on holiday.
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