MSI P67A-G43 OC settings help

Hey I'm kind of new to OC'ing and my recent build I have a MSI P67A-G43 motherboard and a intel i5 2500k cpu I was wondering if anyone had a similar build where they had safe OCing settings with a air case not water cooled

Thanks all the help would be great
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  1. Hi I have the exact same components, firstly update the bios there a new C version.

    In the bios turn off all the power saving crap such as
    Phase control (green power)
    spread spectrum

    For a 4.5ghz clock
    turn vcore up to 1.25v(my settings) can do 1.24, if no boot start @ 1.3v
    leave vdroop alone
    Assuming your memory is 1600 setup the timings accordingly 1.5v
  2. Okay I'll give that a try and see what happens!
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