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I have a system that I will be connecting multiple BR duplicators to, where I need to copy disc images from the PC to the duplicators. This can be done via USB 2.0 or gigabit ethernet. I may be copying the same image file from the machine to multiple duplicators at the same time, or a different image to each duplicator, but copying at the same time. The PC is actually in between the source (a network share drive) and the destination (the duplicators).

So these are the questions:
Should we get a SSD raid in the PC?
If price wasnt an issue, and you only need <500 gigs, what are some good drives to look at for this application?
Should I connect the duplicators via USB or ethernet for fastest file transfer? Yes it is stuck on usb 2.0, and that can't change.

TIA for any ideas.
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    plz help. Or they will make me watch pokemon again.
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